Files up to 2 GB can now be sent to anyone without the worry of unauthorized access or non-delivery.



A new, innovative way to track the delivery of important or time-sensitive e-mail. Be notified when an email is opened.



We use the latest cloud technologies to encrypt and store files. No one downloads your files without your approval.

We are BigSenders, a new service to simplify the sending of large files securely over the Internet.

We allow you to track when and where your emails are read and files are downloaded.

Certified E-mail

Feature 1You deserve to know when your important e-mails are read. With BigSenders you will.

Send Big Files

Feature 1Send up to 2GB files, when most email systems block any attachment over 10MB. Send Big!

Secure Cloud Storage

Feature 1Files are secured by the very latest cloud storage technologies. Your files are only shared with those you designate.

Online Oversight

Feature 1The dashboard provides oversight over your emails, know the status and who, when and how often each email is viewed.